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2022 Price Increases

Unfortunately this year we are seeing more and more cost increases from many local, small, or craft makers. Depending on the size of the cost increase we generally try to avoid raising prices and instead opt to take a hit on that particular brand so that all of our customers can continue to enjoy those products. The past few years have changed the industry tremendously and many factors including increases in the cost to ship, increases in the cost of labor, increases in the cost of raw ingredients, and general shortages of everything from food to packaging has made cost increases for a lot of these vendors unavoidable. With all of that said we will be adjusting pricing on various brands as we are notified by them of cost increases. We carefully evaluate each cost increase to try and avoid price increases when possible. We will put up notices on the vendors that will be effected in advance and will keep a running list on this page along with any letters from those vendors explaining their cost increases. We understand that this may not make any price increase easier, but we hope that the transparency and advance notice will give everyone time to adjust before the prices change. We thank you for supporting us and these great small makers and hope that in the future we will see cost decreases as the industry adjusts.



Real Food Company Store Manager

Upcoming Vendor Price Increases

Acme Bread

Prices will adjust on 3/5/22

Primavera Nueva

Prices will adjust on TBD

Voila Juice

Prices will adjust on TBD

Dececco & Rummo Pastas

Prices will adjust on 3/28/22

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