Our Story

Founded in 1969 The Real Food Company was one of the first dedicated natural food stores in San Francisco. Over the last 50 years, The Real Food Company has seen its share of competition as organic and natural foods has become the normal scene at most stores today, but with a focus on not just natural, clean foods, but locally sourced foods The Real Company continues to thrive on Polk Street. 

Whether you are looking for that new specialty food product, organic seasonal produce, fresh grass-fed beef, or natural vitamin The Real Food Company has it all. Join us and the community that calls Polk Street home and support local farmers and producers from all over the bay area. 

We look forward to serving you soon!


SF Reopening

6/15/21 Per the City of San Francisco and the State of California customers that have been fully vaccinated can now shop without a mask. All capacity and distancing rules have also been lifted. We ask everyone to respect other customer's personal space and be kind to one another during this reopening of the city. Many cleaning procedures put in place due to covid will remain for the time being such as sanitizing baskets before they return to use, not allowing personal belongings on the checkout counters, and Plexiglas between cashiers and customers. We will continue to offer CDC approved hand sanitizer at the front of the store and as always we respect anyone's right to wear a mask while shopping. 

Thank you for the continued support and understanding during these times. Stay well.