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8AM-9am on Tues & Thurs are reserved for shoppers over the age of 60.

Update on Stock Levels

7/1/2020 - While stock levels across multiple food categories continues to improve some items continue to be hard to get in consistently. The following items will be in and out of stock for the foreseeable future: Rice, Grains, Tofu, Some Oatmeal Brands, Baking Flour, Yeast, Canned Beans, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Napkins, and certain cleaning products. 

We are working hard to find alternative brands and options in the meantime. Customers should be able to get a majority of the products they want when they come in, but they may not be the normal brands they are used to. If anyone is looking for something specific or would like to see new products in the store please email me directly with the following subject line "Customer Product Request" and I will work to find the requested product as quickly as possible. We thank all of our customers for the support and patience during these changing times.

 - Ryan

Grocery Manager


Update on Stay at Home Mandate

5/20/2020 - Social distancing protocols remain in effect at this time. We ask all customers to try and keep a distance of 6 feet and we will continue to limit the total number of people in the store at any given time. We have a hand washing station outside with soap and water and customers are encouraged to wash their hands before entering the store. All customers are required to masks while in the store and waiting in line outside. As the mandate changes this will all adjust accordingly. 

Thank you for the continued support and understanding during these times. Stay well.

Updated Bag Policy (7/22/2020) Click Here

Updated Return Policy (7/22/2020) Click Here

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The Real Food Company strives to support local farmers and producers of the bay area. We focus on providing clean ingredient real foods at a reasonable price to the community. Help us build a better food marketplace by supporting The Real Food Company.

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Open Daily: 8AM-9PM

Please note that on Tues & Thurs 8AM-9AM is reserved for shoppers over the age of 60.

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